NFC Tags Encoding

NFC Tag Management

You can use a branch new service for the NFC tag encoding - The service provides a remote NFC tag management for all web URL address. On top of that, you can modify your target URL, track and monitor the usage of the tag. The programming in this case is completely for free for you. Recommended!

Manual encoding

If you would like to encode the URL, static text or an SMS, you can just choose the option and we make sure your tag will be delivered with all required configuration. Of course, we can deliver a non-standard encoding for you. Please indicate this with all your requirements. In case of further clarification, we will contact you.

Tag locking

The information within the NFC tag can be locked or unlocked. If you would like to encode or re-configure your tag on your own, we always give you that option. Please bear in mind, that all tags should be locked after the final application to minimize secuirty threaths and to treat all users in secure environment.